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We welcome patients from all backgrounds, whether insured, self-funded, or international patients who may be referred via their embassy. This page contains some useful information for patients, and for GPs and referrals.

Insured Cardiology Patient

Insured Patients

If you have private medical insurance, you should contact your insurance company prior to your appointment in order to obtain a pre-authorisation code. Please note that although we are approved by most insurers, subsequent investigations and treatment may not be covered, depending on the terms of your insurance.

We are approved by all major healthcare insurers, including AXA PPP, Bupa, Aviva and Prudential Health.

For Bupa and AXA PPP we are ‘Fee assured’ consultants which means we charge within Bupa monetary limits, meaning that members will not need to pay anything towards the cost of treatment if that treatment falls within their policy limits.

We invoice the insurance company directly on your behalf, but the ultimate responsibility for payment lies with you and you will therefore be responsible for any shortfall should your insurance company fail to cover the full amount.

Please note that prior to all subsequent investigations and consultations you will need to contact your insurance company for confirmation of your entitlement to benefit. If you do not have private medical insurance you will be responsible for all costs incurred as a self-funding patient. If you would like detailed pricing information then please contact us.

Self-Funded Cardiology Patient

Self-Funded Patients

We are very happy to see self-funded patients. However we encourage all patients to get a referral from their GP. Self-funders can settle their account on the day or alternatively we can issue an invoice

Insured Patient

Overseas Patients and Embassy Patients

All embassy patients are required to have submitted a letter of guarantee (from embassy) clearly stating approval to see either Dr Wragg or Dr Jain.

GP Referrals

Your GP or another Consultant should refer you. They can simply contact us and we will see you as soon as possible. If your GP or Consultant does not know which partner you should see, please telephone our secretary who will be able to advise, or will ask one of our doctors directly.

The letter, fax or email (if you give permission for your medical details to be sent this way) will normally contain a summary of your medical history, the results of any investigations such as blood tests, scans, and other pathology reports, such as biopsy results. Under some circumstances it may be possible for you to be seen without a referral letter.

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