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Your Consultation

Cardiac symptoms can be very worrying - we’d like to put you at ease by seeing you as quickly as possible, and diagnosing your condition. This page explains the whole process so you know what to expect when you come for your consultation.

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Making an Appointment

When you get in touch, we’ll explain the process and fees in more detail, and send you any information you need. We can usually secure you an appointment within a few days notice.

We welcome both UK and international patients. UK residents will usually be asked for a letter of referral from their GP or specialist as this ensures we have your up-to-date medical history. If you have medical insurance, you can find out more information here. If you are coming from an embassy, you can find out more here.

Cardiac Consultation

Your Consultation

Consultations usually take 30 minutes, and the initial appointment will include the discussion of symptoms, clinical examination, and recommendations for any further investigation or treatment. We understand that medical investigations can be time-consuming and worrying, so many routine cardiac tests can be carried out at the clinic, directly after your consultation.

Cardiac Investigations

Diagnostic Tests

We can carry out a range of tests there and then at your appointment, or at your convenience. Tests range from blood tests, ECGs to echocardiograms and can take from 5 minutes up to half an hour. More complex cardiac imaging investigations, such as CT stand and MRI scans will be scheduled soon after the clinic. All results are usually made available very soon after completion and some results can be made available immediately.

Please note that any tests required to confirm a diagnosis or monitor a condition will be charged in addition to the consultation fee. Please contact the practice for a full breakdown of our consultation and investigation charges.

Advanced Cardiac Tests and Treatment

Advanced Tests and Treatment

In certain cases patients may need more advanced tests, these may be arranged at the clinic location or scheduled at a specialist cardiac imaging centre. This tests will be scheduled within a few days or when is convenient. These would include cardiac CT and cardiac MRI scans. The results of these tests will be made available to us in a timely manner. We will discuss the results with you at a follow-up appointment but if preferred we are happy to give updates as soon as results are made available.

Care, Management and Follow-Up

Care Management, Follow-Up, and How We Communicate With You

After every consultation we will provide the doctor who referred you and your family doctor a detailed medical report. This will include a management plan for the care of your symptoms and cardiology problems. We will also routinely send you a copy of the medical report. We are also happy to provide full copies of all investigations undertaken if requested. Where appropriate we are also happy to discuss results of investigations and assess progress via telephone consultations.

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